Newberg-Dundee Youth Outreach

 Other YO Services

The Blueberry Project
In partnership with Austin Industries, Youth Outreach provides work/training opportunity for low-income youth to develop and acquire new skills – helping youth become “employment ready” while making desired, and sometimes much needed, summer income.  Some of these skills include interviewing for employment, writing resumes when you have little to no work experience, teamwork, communication, integrity, value, responsibility, marketing, sales strategies, the ability to adapt to the environment, and working with deadlines.  Youth participating in The Blueberry Project are paid a daily stipend to pick flats of excellent blueberries that they then package, market, and sell to community members.


Homeless Education Program
YO has provided essential educational support services to runaway and homeless youth in our community for over 12 years.  As the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Liaison, we are experience in ensuring that highly mobile youth are receiving quality academic services according to all rights and responsibilities provided to runaway and homeless youth under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act.

Solid academic supports are in place at the Youth Center such as after-school Study Hall with tutoring services and computer lab; GED attainment; school to home liaison assistance & advocacy; needs assessments, evaluations, and referrals; and funds to provide school needs such as school supplies, clothing, hygiene and other basic needs. 

Positive Youth Development Program
We continue to involve youth in the planning, design, operation and evaluation of Youth Outreach, empowering youth in leadership roles, advocates and community educators.  We have a fully functioning Youth Advisory Council where many members are minorities and/or formerly homeless or runaway youth. This youth group participates in the continued development of YO by assisting in the reviewing and updating of Youth Drop-In Center rules, planned Center activities, and other youth services provided. 

 Additionally, the Youth Advisory Council receives Youth Leadership Development training, has monthly community service projects, and volunteer 4 hours each month at the Youth Center.  Other youth involved in YO activities have participated frequently in community service projects as well and have served as “volunteers” at community events.